Our Products

Hubiot TPMS

Our first product is Hubiot TPMS (Tyre pressure monitoring system) which is part of the tyre management portfolio of devices designed for mining and industrial operations of varying sizes. The IoT device uses a wireless pressure sensor embedded on a SoC (system on Chip) that monitors and reports in real-time parameters such as tire pressure, temperature, and acceleration and location etc.The pressure monitoring ranges from 100- 900 Kpa and upwards up to 1500 Kpa . The primary application is in mining trucks to keep a real-time track of truck tires both manned and autonomous. The device can monitor in real-time set air pressure and temperature to support the load a haul truck can carry and well as provide the correct profile of the tyres so that it will perform, brake steer and accelerate as designed in order to avoid catastrophic failures. With Inbuilt wireless connectivity the user/driver can monitor the all relevant parameters on a mobile app custom designed for the TPMS smart device. The device also can be integrated to existing Fleet management systems for proactive maintenance. After fitment of truck tyres with TPMS sensors to monitor abnormalities, which serve as early indicators for servicing, the fleet management supervisors can analyse data to:

  • Maximize dump/haul truck uptime by predicting malfunctions before they happen
  • Schedule maintenance at a time that is not disruptive to business operations
  • Optimize resource management
  • Improve product quality and reliability